About Jenny Zambia

Jenny Zambia was awarded a license by ZICTA in 2019.
Electronic Communications Services License by Zambia Information and Communication Technologies Authority. License Number: ZICTA/ICT/ECS/0154  
Our goal is to connect all areas within Zambia with high-speed Internet.
We strive to provide our customers with friendly service and value for money. Our aim is to grow with our customers, community, and the government.


Jennyh Internet Vision

The Jenny Vision

A fixed uncapped Internet connection in every building in Africa

People use uncapped Internet differently to capped Internet. (no anxiety)
Most people in Africa do not have the luxury of uncapped internet and have to settle for mobile data.  Jenny Internet wants to change this.

Our vision is justified by our mission.

The Jenny Mission

Connecting Africa to Information

We believe that information is more positive than it is negative.
  • Allows mass collaboration
  • Offers the opportunity to learn
  • Information can inspire people to grow
  • Provides an opportunity for better decision-making processes 
Jenny Internet Mission


We also acknowledge the negative side and advise people to guard themselves against information that is:

  • Overwhelming
  • Divides people
  • Incorrect
  • Misleading
  • A waste of time, resources, and energy

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