Fibre via Wireless

  • Dedicated fixed-bandwidth connection
  • High Internet speeds with exceptionally low latency
  • Get fibre speed internet anywhere
  • Static public routable IP address
  • Faster setup and installation times
  • Jenny Internet Service Level Agreement

The Jenny Fibre via Wireless product provides your company with fibre speed connectivity without fibre. Our wireless network is built to a standard that enables us to provide a dedicated throughput to the internet.

This service is available in the centre of Lusaka or in the middle of the bush. We can offer this to your business wherever we have a wireless network.

Get fibre speed access without fibre in Zambia!

Get fibre speed access without fibre!

What is Jenny Fibre via Wireless?

Jenny Fibre via Wireless provides fibre speed and performance without physical fibre.
Our wireless network is built to a standard that enables us to provide a dedicated throughput, at various contention ratios, at our core.


Wireless Service Delivery

Jenny has invested heavily in our own infrastructure. As such, Jenny is independent of traditional and obsolete mediums of delivery, such as terrestrial copper and fibre cabling. This liberates us from the physical limitations and the various problems associated with these methods (stolen copper lines, downed telephone poles and broken fibre). The aforementioned factors have resulted in very high unrivalled network uptime.


Completely Uncapped, Unshaped, and Unthrottled

Continuous, stable and uninterrupted connectivity will provide your organisation with the freedom to maximise productivity without limits or “out of bundle charges”.


Dedicated throughput with low contention ratio

Our reinvented contention system, enables us to provide guaranteed bandwidth while minimising the effects of network contention, resulting in the highest value for money.


Bundled Add-on Services

  • Static public routable IP address included (More IP addresses can be purchased)
  • 150 free email addresses (More emails can be purchased)


High speed with exceptionally low latency

As a part of Jenny Africa, Jenny Internet has 15 years of experience with wireless internet technology and service provision. This expertise has resulted in an internet experience that is vastly superior to any solution currently available in the market.


Symmetrical download and upload speed

Unlike current connectivity solutions in the market which focus solely on the download component, Jenny implements symmetrical data flow for all Fibre via Wireless connections. Each package consists of the quoted download speed and an equivalent upload component. For example, our 10mbps package is a combination of 10mbps download speed and 10mbps upload speed, resulting in seamless, efficient transmission and receipt of (large) files and data.


Monthly Service Fee
Fibre via Wireless Platinum (100% Dedicated)
Local Loop L2 Incl VAT
Premium Internet Bandwidth Incl VAT
Excise Duty
Total Incl VAT
150Mbps / 150Mbps K 35,991.73 K 23,988.34 K 3,618.93 K 63,599.00
75Mbps / 75Mbps K 19,547.53 K 12,991.54 K 1,959.93 K 34,499.00
40Mbps / 40Mbps K 10,203.13 K 6,773.94 K 1,021.93 K 17,999.00
15Mbps / 15Mbps K 4,195.53 K 2,783.54 K 419.93 K 7,399.00
8Mbps / 8Mbps K 2,383.93 K 1,577.14 K 237.93 K 4,199.00
5Mbps / 5Mbps K 1,717.93 K 1,113.14 K 167.93 K 2,999.00

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Here are the most frequently asked questions about Fibre via Wireless.
If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to speak to us.

Fibre via Wireless is our premium product. We provide dedicated synchronous speeds like fibre using wireless equipment.

Our custom SLA offers industry standard high committed uptime support for your service.

A static public routable IP address is included.

You can log any support tickets directly on our website or call our call-centre support agents 7 days a week on 0211 431 350.

Setup is free. Jenny Internet is selling you a premium service and should anything break or need replacing, we have that covered. The equipment for this service remains the property of Jenny Internet.

All Fibre via Wireless services are monitored. We will automatically log a support ticket on your behalf should there be a problem.

The Customs and Excise Duty Act requires Internet Service Providers to charge end customers a 17.5% excise duty on Internet bandwidth. This product consists of two parts: 1. Local Loop L2 service, which forms part of the service provider's network because the client-side CPEs are owned and managed by the service provider; and 2. Premium Internet Bandwidth, on which a 17.5% excise duty is charged before VAT is added.