Fibre Direct for Business

  • Future proof & scalable to 1Gbps
  • Dedicated throughput
  • Highest uptime fibre
  • Up to 5 public routable IP addresses included

Fibre Direct is a dedicated 1:1 contention service

Jenny fibre direct for business provides internet at a scale that can manage a high demand on the internet line. The ideal solution for companies that need to transfer information all day long, from sending emails, video conferences, file transfers and data storage.

More and more large businesses and government institutions are switching over to Jenny Internet. Our call-centre is packed with technical gurus and backed by our local support, providing your company and IT staff the solutions to make your business work.

Fibre Direct with 1:1 contention dedicated services

Fibre Direct
Local Loop L2 Incl VAT
Fibre Internet Bandwidth Incl VAT
Excise Duty
Total Incl VAT
150Mbps / 150Mbps K 35,991.73 K 23,988.34 K 3,618.93 K 63,599.00
75Mbps / 75Mbps K 19,547.53 K 12,991.54 K 1,959.93 K 34,499.00
40Mbps / 40Mbps K 10,203.13 K 6,773.94 K 1,021.93 K 17,999.00
15Mbps / 15Mbps K 4,195.53 K 2,783.54 K 419.93 K 7,399.00
8Mbps / 8Mbps K 2,383.93 K 1,577.14 K 237.93 K 4,199.00
5Mbps / 5Mbps K 1,717.93 K 1,113.14 K 167.93 K 2,999.00
Fibre Line Rental
Price p/m (excl VAT)
Price p/m (incl VAT)
*From K 2999.00 K 3478.00
*To K 7999.00 K 9278.00

*Fibre line pricing will be quoted and may change based on your location and will rarely be more than K 7999.00 (excl Vat).

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Jenny Fibre Via Wireless failover options are available at an additional cost. Contact our sales team for pricing: 0211 431 350,

Our custom SLA offers industry standard high committed uptime support for your service.

This is a 1:1 contention dedicated service.

You can log any support problems directly on our website or by calling our call centre support agents 7 days a week on 0211 431 350, backed up by local technicians

The Customs and Excise Duty Act requires Internet Service Providers to charge end customers a 17.5% excise duty on Internet bandwidth. This product consists of two parts: 1. Local Loop L2 service, which forms part of the service provider's network because the client-side CPEs are owned and managed by the service provider; and 2. Fibre Internet Bandwidth, on which a 17.5% excise duty is charged before VAT is added.