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Use the Jenny Lead Logger website or installed app to load the contact details of a prospective lead. We will SMS you each time a customer that you referred through the app joins the Jenny Family and pay K300 commission to you, using eWallet. FNB will send you a pin that can be used at any FNB ATM to withdraw the K300 commission.

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Jenny Lead Logger

Jenny Internet Lead Logger terms and conditions

By using this service, you agree to the following:
•    You have received permission from the person whose details you want to submit using the lead logger.
•    You take full responsibility for misinformation or information incorrectly inserted without permission.
•    You are using this service at your own risk.
Payment terms:
•    Commission is paid out at Jenny Internet’s discretion.
•    Jenny Internet's decision to pay out a commission or to not pay a commission for any reason is final.
•    Jenny Internet will not entertain any discussion regarding a commission that was not deemed fit to be paid out.
•    If you fail to collect the money from the ATM before the e-wallet expiry date, you will forfeit the commission.


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After the referred customers Internet installation is done and our Quality Assurance team has passed testing, you will receive an SMS from FNB eWallet with a PIN code. You can withdraw your earned commission from any FNB ATM using the PIN code provided in the SMS sent to you.